Who We Are

FlexiVan has been a leader in intermodal chassis leasing services throughout North America. It manages a fleet of over 120,000 chassis with a wide network of depots and service centers. FlexiVan’s leasing options range from managed fleets and chassis pool user agreements, to daily, short and long term contracts that include motor carriers, logistics providers, ocean carriers, railroads and beneficial cargo owners. In February of 2020, I Squared Capital, the owners of American Intermodal Management (AIM), acquired FlexiVan and merged the two companies. Flexivan now offers the widest range of premium equipment and products in the marketplace. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Who We Serve

Motor Carriers

With over six decades of experience, we are the oldest name in haulage and delivery, equipped with a knowledgeable staff and the best fleet for interstate and highway transport. FlexiVan serves not only ocean carriers, but also beneficial cargo owners, non-vessel operating common carriers and 3rd party logistics providers. We provide chassis services to many industries and even manage the process to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Our network of FlexiDay® locations supplies daily rental units to motor carriers all around the country, and with such success that FlexiVan had to upgrade its array of chassis provisioning products offered. We are industry leaders, driven by systems, data and well-defined chassis-centric business processes. Our customer support team is committed to providing the best service and assistance when it comes to streamlining your chassis experience. And as a part of our commitment to the motor carriers we serve, FlexiVan is continually upgrading its units and investing in new, remanufactured, and refurbished chassis.

Beneficial Cargo Owners

FlexiVan accommodates the needs of companies with complete control of cargo imports. Whether you import from Mexico or Canada and require a ground fleet of motor carriers, or import from other countries via ocean carrier, you need dependable chassis for safe delivery of your goods.

FlexiVan has experience servicing US-based and international beneficial cargo owners with global haulage and delivery. With some of the best skilled staff in the industry, and our proactive and preventative chassis maintenance program, you can rest assured your chassis needs will be met. As a BCO, we know you keep track of your shipments from origin to destination and want the best option for transport.
Let FlexiVan work with you.

Ocean Carriers

When you import goods from overseas, you want dependable equipment to be on-hand upon arrival, and a responsible partner prepared to deliver your containers to their destination. With more than half a century of experience in the industry, FlexiVan is just that partner.

Whether by term contract or chassis pool user agreement, FlexiVan manages fleets of marine container chassis at strategic ports on both coasts of the United States. And whether you require triple-axle or extendable chassis for your shipments, our chassis are there, prepared to meet your needs.

Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL) & Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC)

You arrange to ship goods from port to destination, yet lack the equipment needed to get from Point A to B. That’s where Third Party Logistics (3PL) come in. As a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), you need a reliable chassis company with the right tools on hand to meet your deadlines. FlexiVan works with NVOCCs throughout transportation industry, providing short- and long-term chassis rentals.

Our direct lease product is custom-tailored to meet the service requirements of the BCO/NVO/3PL. This dedicated solution provides you with complete control over the cost, availability and upkeep of the asset. By putting the power in your hands, FlexiVan removes the hassle and uncertainty from the process.

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