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I need Roadside Assistance.  Who do I contact?

For efficient 24-hour service, please contact one of our approved over-the-road vendors directly. Should you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Support team at #1-866-88FLEXI.

How do I report an accident that involves a FlexiVan chassis?

In the event of an accident involving a FlexiVan chassis, please:

1. Obtain a police report
2. Report the accident to your insurance company
3. Complete and submit the Flexivan® Accident Report Form.

Should you need further assistance, FlexiVan’s Customer Support Team is available to assist you.  They can be reached at tel. #1-866-88FLEXI.

Registration & Log In

How do I register for your daily chassis leasing product, FlexiDay?

Please click here to register for FlexiDay®

How do I use your online booking system, AIM360?

To use AIM360, you must first register for our daily program:  FlexiDay.  After being approved for FlexiDay, you will be able to log in and then make bookings on AIM360.  For any questions regarding AIM360 registration, contact us at

Please click here to register for FlexiDay®

How do I register to lease chassis that are part of a pool network of chassis?

Please click here to register for pool chassis.

What do I do if I forget my username and password and can’t log in?

Please send an email to detailing the issues you are experiencing.  For additional information regarding login issues, please see our Support Article.


Customer Account Information

How do I update the information on my account?

To update your account information, please click here.

We can help you with any needed changes as well.  If you’d like assistance making updates, please send an email to detailing the changes that need to be made.

Chassis Unit Information

How do I look-up information about a chassis on your website?

All information related to a particular chassis, such as VIN / serial #, license plate #, or registration # can be obtained by using the Chassis Look-Up link located under My FlexiVan.

How do I obtain the value of a lost, stolen or damaged chassis?

Please send an email to, detailing your situation and any specific chassis information you are able to provide. A FlexiVan representative will be in touch with you shortly. To provide FlexiVan with more information about your case, please also submit an incident report.

FlexiDay Chassis Bookings

What happens if I don’t pick up the chassis on the day of the booking?

If you do not plan on using the chassis, please cancel the booking.  If you do still intend on using the chassis, please notify the depot of your schedule so that they still expect your arrival for pick up.

How do I cancel my booking?

Log in to AIM360 and find the booking under your Dashboard.  Upon login, a New Booking Request window will pop up. Click on the close button on the top right of the popup. From there, you can see all of the bookings you have made. For the booking you wish to cancel, click on the cancel button located under the action column of the booking summary table.

Where can I find information about the address and gate hours for chassis pick-up/drop-off locations?

All FlexiVan location details can be found on the Locations page of this site.  Depot address and gate hours can also be found in AIM360 when you book your chassis, plus a detailed street map is also available to guide you.

Pricing & Billing

Where can I find my account balance or details on any outstanding invoices?

Your account information can be easily accessed under My FlexiVan.  Simply log in to your account and go to the invoices page for details.

How do I dispute an invoice?

Registered customers can log in to their account and go to the invoice tab to search for an invoice they wish to dispute. From here, customers can either click “Dispute” or “Epay.” **Please note:

1.  All invoice disputes must be reported to FlexiVan in writing within 30 days of invoice date.
2.  In order to dispute invoices, you must be a registered FlexiVan customer.
3.  All unregistered customers should submit disputes within 30 days to

For further information, you can email or contact our billing department.

How are daily chassis fees calculated?

Daily charges are determined at the time of chassis pickup. The return time of the chassis has no effect on the charge.

What factors affect pricing?

Many factors contribute to the total price of your chassis experience, including duration, number of axles, etc. Short term rentals are available at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. A long term lease is considered one year, or more.  Please click here for more information.


Who do I contact about citations at FlexiVan?

For tolls, please contact  For all other citations, please contact

I’m interested in becoming a drayman for FlexiVan. How do I apply?

Please provide a scanned copy of the following documents to

1.  Your signed and completed copy of FlexiVan’s Drayman Equipment Transportation Agreement
2.  A copy of your insurance certificate.  Click here for details on our insurance requirements.

Once all required documents have been submitted and reviewed for approval, a FlexiVan representative will contact you directly.  Thank you for your interest in FlexiVan.

Still have questions?

If the FAQ above doesn’t provide you with the assistance you need, please email us at or call # 1-866-88FLEXI.