FlexiVan Central Chassis Pool (FCCP)
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FlexiVan is pleased to introduce its new FlexiVan Central Chassis Pool (FCCP), offering a dedicated fleet of chassis at various locations for Ocean Network Express (ONE) customers.

NOTE:  20’, 40’, 45’ And extendable chassis available at these locations.

Charges will be applied if units are not terminated at these Start/Stop locations.

As FCCP Manager, FlexiVan will oversee all pool operations. Please contact FlexiVan Customer Support: tel. #1-866-88FLEXI for all inquiries. Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) will perform all FCCP IEP and M&R operations and can be reached directly at CCM: tel. #630-743-5316 for all related inquiries.

PLEASE NOTEFlexiVan is an activate chassis provider participant with the UIIA (Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement).

Before booking FCCP chassis, all motor carriers must be registered with the UIIA and have completed the UIIA FlexiVan addendum and credit application.