News Alert: Following Hurricane Ida, the Avondale East location in New Orleans will remain closed until further notice.

Managed Fleets
  • Private chassis fleets developed and managed around a customer’s specific needs.
  • FlexiVan manages all M&R (Maintenance & Repair), and IEP (Intermodal Equipment Provider) responsibilities.

FlexiVan’s Managed Fleets program allows you to focus on your business and let FlexiVan manage your chassis fleet.

Because we operate our own Service Centers around the country, we can customize a Term Lease for you that covers full service Maintenance & Repair. This includes emergency roadside service, all proactive and preventative chassis maintenance, as well as required IEP (Intermodal Equipment Provider) inspections and documentation with the US Department of Transportation. With a focus on safety and performance, our skilled and experienced technicians can keep your leased fleet of chassis moving with efficiency and dependability.

Plus, additional chassis can always be made available to cover your peak season or changing short term needs. We understand the need to have a reliable fleet of chassis available. We’re there for you.

Contact Sales to tailor a Managed Fleet program that fits your needs, or click here to see a comparison of our different leasing options.