Pool Chassis

Starting August 24th, FlexiVan is pleased to introduce its new FlexiVan Central Chassis Pool (FCCP). Click here for more details

  • Pool chassis agreements provide access to pool chassis at marine terminals, railroad ramps and container yards, where chassis contributors operate in a shared operating environment.
  • Rates are determined by usage originating and ending (start/stop) at the gate of the common pool location.
  • The pool manager oversees all M&R (Maintenance & Repair) and IEP (Intermodal Equipment Provider) responsibilities.

FlexiVan participates in multiple pooling arrangements where single or multiple chassis contributors operate collectively – cooperative, gray, neutral, common user and private pools. These arrangements help to improve overall operational efficiencies and repositioning costs, oftentimes resulting in a more reliable supply of equipment for motor carriers at certain locations.

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Additional Pool Information

Contact Sales to learn more about how FlexiVan can tailor a pool usage agreement for you, or click here to see a comparison of our different leasing options.