News Alert: Following Hurricane Ida, the Avondale East location in New Orleans will remain closed until further notice.

Pool Chassis

FlexiVan has made some recent changes to the FlexiVan Central Chassis Pool (FCCP) locations with the addition of the Parsec Depot within the CN Harvey Rail Ramp. Click here for more details

  • Pool chassis agreements provide access to pool chassis at marine terminals, railroad ramps and container yards, where chassis contributors operate in a shared operating environment.
  • Rates are determined by usage originating and ending (start/stop) at the gate of the common pool location.
  • The pool manager oversees all M&R (Maintenance & Repair) and IEP (Intermodal Equipment Provider) responsibilities.

FlexiVan participates in multiple pooling arrangements where single or multiple chassis contributors operate collectively – cooperative, gray, neutral, common user and private pools. These arrangements help to improve overall operational efficiencies and repositioning costs, oftentimes resulting in a more reliable supply of equipment for motor carriers at certain locations.

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Additional Pool Information

Contact Sales to learn more about how FlexiVan can tailor a pool usage agreement for you, or click here to see a comparison of our different leasing options.