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Street Turns

Non-BACP Street Turn Process

STEP 1)  The motor carrier in possession of the chassis for transfer must initiate the transfer via the contact form on this page.

STEP 2)  The receiving motor carrier must accept transfer via the initial email correspondence also retaining the group email address in copy to affect the successful transfer of the chassis.


  • Both the initiating and receiving motor carrier must be registered with FlexiVan as the equipment provider and have a valid approved User Agreement in effect with FlexiVan Leasing, LLC.
  • Failure to accept the transfer or late acceptance by the receiving motor carrier will result in the charges remaining with the initial on-hire transaction motor carrier.
  • This process must be initiated and completed prior to the return of the chassis to a start/stop location.
  • Container street turns are to be directed to, and approved by, the steamship lines.

BACP Street Turn Process

STEP 1)  Out-Gating trucker initiates a request via the FlexiVan website (link provided below)

STEP 2)  Receiving carrier will receive an email notification from FlexiVan requesting Acceptance or Rejection of the street turn. Receiving carrier must accept for the system to process street turn.


  • If step one and two are not followed within 48-hour period street turns will expire and the system will not update.
  • FlexiVan cannot honor street turn disputes if procedures are not followed.
  • For registered users, please click here to log into your account and go to the Street Turn tab.
  • If you are not a registered user, please click here to visit our site and sign up.

Submit a Street Turn Request